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We have collated the most frequently asked questions to help you make informed choices..IF you have a question(s) that we've not covered here, then please email us and ASK.

What is the difference between YOU and a dating agency? 
We're not a dating agency, we're dedicated matchmaking service where we match to partner specifics and relationship goal, not a pre-set number goal. It tends be dating agencies that work to a pre-set number, as their goal is to reach a specific number opposed to "specific partner and relationship criteria" - we work strictly to "criteria", especially important if you're female seeking marriage as it's imperative you only meet men seeking marriage.   

​Why hire a matchmaker? Matchmakers are relationship experts, they spend eight hours a day ( and longer) searching, screening and selecting people to MATCH their clients. Which is no different to consulting a lawyer, a doctor, financial advisor, estate agent or any expert in their field. A matchmaker is an expert at finding partners for people, who share the same romantic vision, lifestyle, pastimes, who like you, are not willing to compromise on their values to meet just anyone single, but ‘that one person they cannot imagine life without’

How do your fees compare to other similar services? 
Our fees compare extremely well. Berkeley International FROM:£12,000 County Register FROM:£10,000,  Seventy Thirty: £18,000 to £58,000. Sara Eden's "founder membership" FROM £25,000 which is equivalent to our top level BESPOKE MATCH service £8,795.  

Who joins your agency? Since 2002 we have attracted and only work with educated and successful people, from traditional professions, barristers, investment bankers, doctors, CEO's, the media and art world to successful business owners and entrepreneurs. They join us to meet like minded people looking to meet someone for a committed, loving relationship.

Will I only meet attractive, successful people? YES, we guarantee you will meet attractive, educated professional people, however; physical attraction and sense of humour are sub-jective.
Can I have a FACE to FACE meeting just to ask some questions? We offer a FREE phone consultation which you can book online, which provides you with the opportunity to ask the questions important to you, and for us to understand a little about you before entering into a FACE to FACE meeting which is far more time consumming for both parties. Jill Rhodes Harvey works single handed, so face to face meetings are reserved for those who have had an initial chat. You can BOOK a phone consultation here..

Can I make enquiries on behalf of someone else and speak to you on their behalf ? No, this is a personal service and we only communicate with the person we would be working for. We will not enter into any third party communication at any point - the person in question must communicate with us.

Does age or height make a difference? 
The honest answer is yes it may do, but this is NOT down to the service, it's merely a reflection of how men and women select partners. Height: men under 5'8" and women over 5'8" may be affected, but this is not set in stone, however, it would be unprofessional not to cover it. 

​I'm of a specific religious faith, can you match me with a partner of the same faith. No, we're not a matchmaking service that matches people based on their religious faiths - there are several agencies that do, so have a look on Google. 

​Can you definitley find me a partner, I have very specific criteria?
We would never answer " yes we can definitely find you a partner" to anyone, as successful matching ending up in a relationship is down to two people and their chemistry and connection, but we can definitley find you potential partners and open up new opportunities for you. As for very specific criteria, we would would need to chat first to be able to make a decision as to whether we can help or not. 

Do you accept International clients?
Yes we do, but we only work with those we feel we can help, not everyone would be accepted. *We accept clients from :Austria, Belguim,France, Italy, Spain, Baleriac Islands, Portugal and Switzerland