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Why do singles choose a matchmaker

Finding a new partner and embarking on a new relationship takes effort, energy and commitment at any age, especially in these modern times with internet dating and dating apps, but, wanting to find a partner for a serious relationship once reaching 40, does not mean you want to date as you did in your twenties. Dating apps and the internet, offer very little in the way of security, not to mention, anything free, means anyone and everyone can join without any filtering. The biggest complaint we hear, is that internet dating feels like a full time job for little reward and a high proportion of casual daters to the concern over fake profiles and scams, the latter covered by the BBC's Panorama.
Meeting attractive equally like minded people 

​It's common knowledge the pool of available potential partners reduces as we get older, for various natural reasons, many are now married in our age group, those divorced may not be ready for a serious relationship, to our own selection process, certain looks, heights to choosing the same type of people over and over again.

At 40, 50 or 60 our social circles have usually dwindled to a specific few, friends may have moved away, you may have moved away or spent your time career focused or bringing up a family. But NONE of this should prevent YOU from finding love, it just means a slightly different approach, and although internet dating offers fast access to people, it's takes a lot of energy to go on date after, and the rollercoaster ride that goes hand in hand with that can be exhausting!

​So what do you do if you want to meet a NEW PARTNER without all the months of fruitless dating?
Matchmaker Benefits

A good matchmaker will do the groundwork, produce genuine matches and remove those BIG questions you have" are they on the same relationship path, are they really single, are they who they say they are, to their relationship history and checking they live alone" no one wants to meet a serial dater, someone who's revenge dating, or has never had a relationship over 6 months, all familiar to online dating. Hiring a matchmaker will increase your chances by at least 60% over internet dating. 

​So the good news is; we can confidently 100% INTRODUCE you to like minded people who share your goals both securely and discretely!

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