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Are you ready to find your special someone?

Book an informal NO obligation chat with us
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director

Are you ready to find your special someone?

Book an informal NO obligation chat with us


Our membership is completely tailored to YOU - and not a one size fits all approach, as we understand that no two client's are identical, from their age, lifestyle, past relationship experiences to their future relationship goal, so we work with you and personalize your membership to match you and your relationship objectives.   

  1. We'll work closely with you, so you feel confident. We'll take the reins of your romantic life in an effort to turn your personal life around, and help you achieve your relationship goal through the service. 
  2. We'll build a personal relationship with you creating an intimate and informal platform so you feel secure sharing your hopes and dreams. We'll take the time to learn about you, your background, past relationships so we understand you fully. 
  3. We'll help you to learn more about yourself and whether you have a dating pattern. We do this by observing, asking questions, but mainly listening. You will not be asked to fill in forms or tick boxes when Jill meets you, she uses her training and expertise to get to know you. 
  4. ​We'll take care of all arrangements for your introductions, so you can relax and enjoy the entire experience.

     Bespoke Membership from: £7,500
    ​International Membership from: £10,500

    Please request a brochure for full details and how we work.
    " We never thought we'd find love again at 65, Jill proved us wrong, and we've just celebrated our first anniversary with all our family."
    "Jill is so friendly, I felt at ease immediately and liked her straight forward manner, she has helped me enormously through coaching " Elaine
    " Jill really does listen and takes the time to find you the right matches. I've found my wife to be through Jill. Jill's quite simply brilliant!


Jill Rhodes Harvey owns and operates the agency, where she works both behind and front of house. Jill meets all clients and their introductions, providing one-to-one attention and a close working relationship ensuring continuity and a personal service that larger more corporate style agencies often lack. Jill takes over all work concerned with a clients partner search and offers step by step support and a helping hand in an effort to help clients reach their relationship goal through the service. Jill works with warmth, passion and dedication, and hopes this reaches all those she meets. If you would like to get in touch for an informal chat, just call, or use the online contact form.

‘‘Career focused and still single at 48. I contacted Jill in January 2016 a little dubious I admit, ​but Jill is astute, she has turned my life around through her wisdom, patience and guidance’’

Mark, Lawyer ~ London