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  1. Oliver - London
    Jill, is quite simply brilliant. I felt relaxed and opened up far more than I imagined, she listened and showed a real understanding of my life. I hired Jill and within three months I was dating this extraordinary and wonderful woman, who now ten months later is to become my wife.
  2. Grace, Actress-London
    " Jill is exceptionally patient, wise and very intuitive. I've not been easy to match, stuck in old dating habits, but Jill true to her word challenged my ideals and thankfully she did, as I'm now very happy with a lovely man. Don't hesitate to hire Jill, if nothing else, you will learn from her and hopefully find love too. "
  3. Professor D -London
    "On my very first introduction, Jill introduced me to someone from whom I am inseparable. As an educated and highly prominent professional figure I harbored grave doubts. They were instantly dispelled. Jill is warm, intuitive and professional. I have never been happier."
  4. Barbara - Hampton Court
    "I met Jill 3 three years ago, when I hadn't long been divorced after a painful separation. Jill was wonderful, she listened and helped me a lot. Three years on, I'm ready to meet someone I can hopefully create the next chapter in my life with, and feel Jill is the person to do this with.
  5. Jonathan - London
    "I finally found in Jill someone who truly listened to what I wanted and translated my desires into a real person. The results have been amazing!"
  6. William CEO-London
    Jill; your enthusiasm and bold approach makes you quite unique. Dubious at first, but delighted with the process and outcome! Thank you!
  7. Simon, Consultant-London
    "Jill, thank you for all your advice and helping me to define who I was really searching for. Your listening ability and how you see beneath the surface demonstrates a great expertise. Sian and I are very much a couple after just three months and looking forward to what the future may bring. Thank you!"
  8. Chris and Emily - London
    Dear Jill, we got engaged in May and still can't believe it's been two years since you introduced us. Thank you for making all this possible!
  9. Zac, Lawyer-London
    "Jill is excellent at what she does. Within nine months of hiring her, I had met my wife to be on just two introductions. I highly recommend Jill!
  10. Wedding 2017
    David our client contacted us in November 2016 to let us know he is marrying Ella, who we introduced him to in 2014. The wedding will take place in August in Sussex. It is always with great pride to hear from clients who have successfully found their life partner through us.
  11. Jemma, London
    I tried internet dating without any success for a long time, so I decided to try Jill's matchmaking service back in 2015, and through Jill’s help I've met someone who has changed my life forever.
  12. Mark, Lawyer, London
    ‘‘Career focused and still single at 48. I contacted Jill in January 2016 a little dubious I admit, but Jill has turned my life around through wisdom, patience and guidance’’
  13. Patricia - Surrey
    Divorced after a long marriage, so I chose Jill as I liked her personal approach. She made it so easy and gave me the confidence to start again.
  14. Elaine -Surrey
    Jill is so friendly, I felt at ease immediately and liked her straight forward manner. Jill has helped me enormously through her coaching sessions to feel more confident and positive.
  15. David and Joan - London
    At 65 neither of us thought we would find love again, but Jill proved us wrong, and two years on, we're still as happy as ever. If you find yourself single later in life, call Jill, she will do all she can for you whilst being a real support.

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